The Channel are a Pop/Rock band based in Worthing, West Sussex

Founded in 2009 by Martyn Bailey 'The Channel' started out as a covers band playing across the south coast in the UK at various pubs and clubs as well as performing at weddings and parties. Since then the band have a new line up and will now take on a new chapter...

2012 sees the band busy in the studio recording debut album 'Red Sky Supernova' with exclusive demo tracks now released for you to listen (see links below). The Channel are working with producer Kai McKenzie and are very excited with the haunting sounds that are quickly becoming a distinct style to the bands music. The album is scheduled for a Summer/Autumn release.

Martyn Bailey
Lead Vocals

Martyn Bailey was born 16th January 1975 and started taking a real interest in music when he was 10 years old. His first band was Nytram which he formed in 1993 with former school friends Chris Percival and Jon Cunliffe and played various gigs around London and their home town Worthing in West Sussex. In 1994 they recorded an album together entitled Painstalker and only 250 copies were made.

Martyn has been inspired by a feast of musical talent such as Muse, U2, Depeche Mode, The Killers, Simpleminds, Keane, and above all Norwegian idols A-ha. In 2003 Martyn was in the A-ha tribute band 'The A-ha Experience' for 4 years and is the closest you can get to the real Mr Harket vocally! For if it wasn't for A-ha's UK No.1 hit The Sun Always Shines On TV, Martyn may never have started to fall in love with music at all...

Stuart Spicer
Bass & Keyboards

During the day I run my shipping company but when the sun goes down and I get time to myself I write, record and perform music. I'd learnt to play the piano whilst at school but at college started a band with a friend (Ash Howes - now a renound music producer) playing bass. We wrote lots of songs and did some gigs before going our separate ways after leaving college. Since then I've been in various bands and been writing music for various projects.

I took some time off before being challenged by UK porn producer "Kendo" to write some film sound tracks for his up coming projects which resulted in an ANV nomination for best music. At the present time I am in a covers band "The Channel" gigging as often as possible and writing new material when I get the chance. It's not easy, juggling life, business, family, band and spare time but hey, I'd be complaining if it were any other way.

Jol Meredith
Guitars and Keyboards

I was brought up in rural Derbyshire in the 70s & 80s where it was socially illegal to be into anything other than rock and heavy metal. My mum sent me for piano lessons from the age of seven which earned me a number of unpleasant episodes in the playground, but sparked an enthusiastic interest in music.

By way of a musical rebellion I attended Jazz college in Leeds in the early 90s, but having lied my way in I found that the few Iron Maiden numbers I could play on the guitar at the time didn't translate too well into Jazz and I left under a cloud with a keen taste for Jazz peripheral activities like drinking, smoking and chasing girls. I carried on practising through another doomed university attempt in Nottingham and found myself in the mid 90s with nothing except a stratocaster that my mum bought for me from the Gratton catalogue (cheers, Ma) and a continued willingness to play.

Since then I've been a guitar and piano teacher and played in lots of bands all over the country and abroad, with varying degrees of success. Nowadays I'm a family man running a small IT consultancy by day, but by night I still like to rock.

Matt Emerson

Matt Emerson has been drumming since a young age and drummed for the band Trash Fashion. He then took a break from music whilst working various projects. Matt appears on The Channel’s debut album after discussions with close friend Martyn and is looking forward to the experimentation process.

Matt has been given full control to bring this album to life and will be the driving force behind The Channel’s big melodies.